About Us

Signity Incorporated(COD Express), a company duly registered in the Philippines and soon to be considered as the top online business in Asia for its carefully chosen products and personalized services given to all it’s members.

Our team of employees from web developers to sales consultants , from supervisors to line managers , and it’s dynamic management are all commited to work hard for Signity , with professionalism and corporate social responsibilities to meet the needs of all our members to their full satisfaction.

We have been channelling suppliers to end consumers for many years , and now with the creation of Signity Incorporated, we believe we can inspire all Filipinos by giving them the best business they need to succeed in this new era of online shopping experience.

We have nurtured and grown our labor of love on every business that we offer to all our members worldwide , and each business have carefully been studied and planned to safeguard our a reputation of being “always ahead”.

Signity Incorporated is committed to raising the bar of good governance for ourselves, the business community, and the Philippine economy. With Signity , you have found the BEST ONLINE BUSINESS you can ever imagine !